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The essential strategy governing thought is to differentiate our company from other incumbents on the market. Factors like quality, innovation, sales promotion and others are nowadays not enough. Companies tend to differentiate themselves by the way how they operate on the market and what are the efforts taken in order to be socially responsible corporate citizens. However, they are quite often focused primarily on the effects for the company and somehow automatically they believe that they positively contribute to the society. But the opposite may be true. In this course we will instruct you not only how to do the right things, but also how to do them well. We will have a look at these activities, which are today an integrative element of corporate strategy, from the perspective of both, companies as well as the recipients of the aid.

Key benefits

The knowledge gathered in this course, can then be used extensively in other areas of the company’s life where insights on various stakeholders (customers, employees etc.) are needed.

Who should attend?

  • Family business owners
  • CEOs
  • Managers responsible for CSR
  • Enthusiasts in Business of Change

Course content

Key topics of the course:

  1. Setting your strategic CSR or together with the course instructors consult and critically evaluate their current or planned activities in this field,
  2. Building the empathy towards different stakeholders´ groups,
  3. Finding the links between the corporate and CSR strategy. 

The knowledge gathered in this course, can then be used extensively in other areas of the company’s life where insights on various stakeholders (customers, employees etc.) are needed

Course structure and schedule:

Thursday June 13 - Saturday June 15:

Lectures with workshops and field trainings

Monday June 17 - Thursday June 20:

Team or eventually individual projects with consulting sessions with the course instructors (Optional)

Friday June 21:

Project delivery and feedback session (Optional)

Course lecturers

Ing. Ladislav Tyll, MBA, Ph.D.

Ladislav is an experienced lecturer, business consultant, and practitioner. He focuses on strategy and strategy related topics. He is also the academic director of university flagship program CEMS – Master in International Management. He is passionate about designing strategies and navigating companies in the wild water of future megatrends and uncertainties.

Tomas Ryska

Tomas is a social anthropologist, economist and documentary filmmaker. He has received a number of international awards, such as the Grand Prix at the Russian Anthropological Film Festival from the Russian Academy of Sciences or the Grand Prix at the Ekofilm International Film Festival from the Czech Ministry of Environment.

Dr. Jeffrey Schonberg

Jeff is an award-winning medical and visual anthropologist. A recipient of the Paul Farmer Global Citizenship Award from the Society for Public Anthropology, and a Committee on Teaching Excellence Award at University of California, Berkeley. 

Course supervisor

What is included in the price?

Lectures, consultations

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