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Inbound Marketing Masterclass

Establish strong online presense for your business.

Marketing & Sales

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Course duration: 8 hours

Course is suitable for marketing managers responsible for online channels as well as for entrepreneurs who need to execute marketing activities themselves. During the course the participants will learn how to manage content production, improve their search engine visibility and traffic through inbound marketing and linkbuilding, how to convert visitors to customers via e-mail marketing campaigns and what and how to measure success of their campaigns.

Key benefits

Ability to manage content production, improve their search engine visibility and traffic through inbound marketing.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for all participants who need to manage and execute marketing campaigns and need better insights how content creation and inbound marketing relates to search engine visibility and how it can be integrated with e-mail marketing campaigns. Moreover, this course is suitable for all marketers who seek good ROI of their effort.

Course content

  • How to create buyer’s personas and how to use them in marketing
  • How to find topics and keywords for content creation
  • Principles of inbount vs. outbound marketing
  • How search engines rank websites for search queries
  • How to build online relationships and get quality backlinks
  • How to use inbound marketing tools like Ahrefs, Majestic and Moz
  • How to execute manual outreach
  • How to plan and execute e-mail marketing campaigns in MailChimp
  • How to create action plan using the See-Think-Do-Care model
  • How to set appropriate performance metrics

Course lecturers

Course supervisor

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Dates of courses

20. 05. 2021 - 20. 05. 2021

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