Paul Kearns BA (Econ.), PMI

Maturity Institute Chair, OMS LLP Senior Partner

Paul has specialized in strategic human capital management throughout his long career, working across all industrial and commercial sectors. He has run HR functions and built a long list of global clients including AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, HSBC, Siemens, Toyota and Vodafone. He is a prolific writer and teacher, having taught on many MBA and Exec Education programmes. Since 2012 he has been the Chair of the Maturity Institute.

Paul Kearns is an Economist and Economic Historian, one of the Founding members of the Maturity Institute (MI) and Senior Partner at OMS LLP; the first professional services firm providing advisory and consulting services to improve an organization’s maturity and Total Stakeholder Value. He is the co-author of MI’s first textbook - ‘The Mature Corporation. A Model of Responsible Capitalism‘ - and developed OMINDEX® with MI/OMS colleague Stuart Woollard. Paul’s previous works, such as ‘Professional HR: Evidence-Based People Management & Development’ were written and further developed while teaching MBA and Executive Education programmes. Paul’s practical teaching and training methods enable participants to immediately apply the theory to their own personal practice, within the systems and operating context of their own organizations. He uses this same approach when introducing Board Directors and Executives to the 32 questions that they need to answer to produce their OMINDEX® Rating.



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