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Information about courses at FBA VŠE

The Faculty of Business Administration (FPH VŠE) offers short-term and long-term educational programmes for the professional public in the area of management, marketing and sales, personnel management and enterprise. In our offer you can find both open courses and a possibility to have a course prepared exactly according to the needs of your organisation. Our clients include renowned commercial companies as well as non-profit organisations or government sector institutions, e.g. Metrostav, Škoda Auto, T-Mobile, TEVA, Konto Bariéry or Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Courses at FBA VŠE:

  • Provide a unique content in the particular area
  • Are taught by top-class business professionals and teachers
  • Use modern and effective teaching methods, such as the StratX marketing stimulation.

Our courses help the participants to have a break from their everyday work duties for a while and concentrate on their own professional growth with the aim of moving their own skills to a higher level.

The participants of our courses gain knowledge and skills which help their company to:

  • Start a new business direction in the organisation;
  • Set the processes in the company towards higher efficiency;
  • Withstand the competition using innovative strategies;
  • Achieve higher performance through good people management.


Faculty of Business Administration, as the only such institute in the Czech Republic, has been conferred with the prestigious EQUIS international accreditation. This accreditation is awarded only to those faculties with top teaching standards, outstanding academics, high quality scientific activities and strong links with business practice.

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