Ing. Bc. Helena Petrová

Sales Development and Customer Category Manager, Mondelez Europe Services GmbH

Helena has been focused on point-of-sale marketing since 2001, at that very year she was given the grant for advertisement and in-store communication research from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater USA. She is currently working for Mondelez International as a head of the team concentrated on in-store communication and implementation of in-store strategies within the Czech republic and the Slovak republic.

Her big interest is in research, synthesizing research findings and successive use of purchase behavior knowledge, trends, and innovations in the field of effective customer communication with the aim of maximal conversion.

She has been working on company’s change projects and is a member of strategic teams oriented in re structuralization, customization, efficiency improvement of processes and seeking new opportunities. Helena currently teaches purchase behavior theory and its subsumption into everyday life across various Mondelez offices (in the range of marketing to sales or logistics). She was working for Mondelez in former times as well, started at the position of Key Account Manager and followed up with the position of Category Manager. In the meantime, Helena worked as a brand manager of mental health medication for Eli Lilly. She graduated at VUT Brno and TU in Liberec.



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