Daniel Jesenský, Ph.D., MSc., MBA

Daniel has worked in marketing, POP and In-store marketing communications since 1993. Besides being managing partner in DAGO (a company oriented on providing in-store marketing solutions), he is also vice-president for the POPAI Central Europe association, a member of the prime committee of Czech Marketing Group and an executive board member of the Marketing Institute of Business Administration Department of the University of Economics in Prague.

Dr. Richard Brunet-Thornton, FRSA, MIM, MBA, Ph.D.

Dr. Brunet-Thornton specialises in the fields of Cross-Cultural management, Knowledge Management, and Project Management. In addition, he is Head of an international Telecom Business Practice with the world’s fifth largest IS/IT enterprise. He resides in both Prague and Montréal, holding both positions, and academic, the other, praxis. 

Dr. Stanislav Háša, M.Sc. M.A. Ph.D.

Dr. Háša is a clinical psychologist and holds academic degrees from both Charles University and the University of Economics, Prague. Maintaining positions in both the academic and professional world, he blends both in his unique style of management. He is a member of numerous professional organisations both at the national and international level. 

Dr. Felipe Martínez, Eng. Ph.D.

Dr. Martínez holds professional certifications in various fields of quality and lean management, and technologies. Besides his doctoral accreditation, his post-graduate studies include a degree in Industrial Engineering. Well-travelled and versed in various cultures and business practices, he has worked and taught throughout the Americas, Europe, and India. Dr. Martinez was nominated as ‘best teacher’ in 2016. 

Ing. Martin Láska

Martin has been oriented on retail research for over 15 years. During this time he gained a profound experience in the branch of category management, merchandising, shopper marketing and retail audit. He held the responsibility of processing and executing the strategies leading to development and expansion of the key business activities.

Mgr. Petr Šimek

Petr has been focused on retail as it is an important medium in the matter of communication mix. At the same time, he is working on the explanation of its complexity and on finding connections between its particular segments. He is co-founder and leader of Wellen, an agency which has currently been operating in CME region and in North America.

Ing. Jan Šolta

Jan Šolta has been obtaining his experience in FMCG commercial department for the last 14 years. He has gathered his knowledge in brand marketing (working with brands like Studentská pečeť, Orion, Pilsner Urquell) and in trade and shopper marketing and business - being at the position of sales representative and the position of key account manager.

Ing. Martin Troup

Martin has gained 11 years of managing experience in the beverages industry with the focus on consumer and shopper marketing. For the last two years, he has been leading a team whose main responsibility is retail marketing of the best beer brands. As a shopper marketing manager, he has also become a member of the Off-trade leadership team.

Ing. Svetlana Bryliakova

At the moment Svetlana works for Mondelez International. As a leader of the Shopper Insights Program within several states of Central Europe, she’s currently supervising the global duty-free unit. One of her many responsibilities is the implementation of purchase behavior knowledge across the company’s teams and of course interpreting and using the results for strategic business decisions of the Mondelez company in the market. In the course of last few years, Svetlana led a significant number of qualitative and quantitative shopper studies, using the innovative methods and techniques.

Ing. David Wurst

At the moment David works for Nestlé. He is responsible for seeking growth opportunities and development of confectionery category within the Czech republic and Slovakia. David and his team have been currently working on optimization of confectionery category using the new shopping mission and consumer opportunities segmentation. He completed his degree at the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics, Prague.

Aleš Štibinger, DiS

Aleš has been oriented on in-store communication with the focus on the realization of commercial interiors for more than 12 years. He worked as director for the Czech and Slovak republic under the international company Mood Media. In 2012 he started GAIA Group, marketing agency specialized in the point of sale marketing with the use of sensory branding (sound, smell, dynamic visual) and digital technology. He contributes to the realization of complex projects and campaigns.

Ing. Andrea Vozníková

Andrea has acquired 14 years of experience in the field of market research. She worked for the biggest agencies, e.g. Synovate, Ipsos, TNS. She learned market research from scratch, starting with data processing she exalted to the position of an interview and recruitment network leader and she has worked as a research consultant for the last twelve years. During her career she participated in various kinds of research, ranging from IT to medical supplies, but she has mostly been oriented on fast moving consumer goods and fast food. She was assigned a job for many well-known brands, e.g. Coca-cola, Kofola, Mattoni, Staropramen, Budvar, Danone, Imperial Tobacco and at the moment she is working for Unilever, McDonald's, KFC and Burger King.

Ing. Bc. Helena Petrová

Helena has been focused on point-of-sale marketing since 2001, at that very year she was given the grant for advertisement and in-store communication research from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater USA. She is currently working for Mondelez International as a head of the team concentrated on in-store communication and implementation of in-store strategies within the Czech republic and the Slovak republic.

Her big interest is in research, synthesizing research findings and successive use of purchase behavior knowledge, trends, and innovations in the field of effective customer communication with the aim of maximal conversion.

Mgr. Peter Lelovič

Peter earned his degree in journalism with the focus on advertisement and communication psychology. He completed many internships and studies abroad (International Business Presentations, Frost&Sullivan, London 1993; Niche Marketing, Frost&Sullivan, London 1994; Advertising at Mars Paris 1996). He has been oriented on mass communication psychology since 1990.

prof. Ing. Jiří Hnilica, Ph.D.

Head of Strategy department and the founder of the Center for Family Business at VŠE. He teaches Master course on Strategies of Family Businesses and leads the research project on the role of family business owners together with French EDHEC Business School.

Ing. Ladislav Tyll, MBA, Ph.D.

Ladislav is an experienced lecturer, business consultant, and practitioner. He focuses on strategy and strategy related topics. He is also the academic director of university flagship program CEMS – Master in International Management. He is passionate about designing strategies and navigating companies in the wild water of future megatrends and uncertainties.

Tomas Ryska

Tomas is a social anthropologist, economist and documentary filmmaker. He has received a number of international awards, such as the Grand Prix at the Russian Anthropological Film Festival from the Russian Academy of Sciences or the Grand Prix at the Ekofilm International Film Festival from the Czech Ministry of Environment.

Dr. Jeffrey Schonberg

Jeff is an award-winning medical and visual anthropologist. A recipient of the Paul Farmer Global Citizenship Award from the Society for Public Anthropology, and a Committee on Teaching Excellence Award at University of California, Berkeley.