Mgr. Peter Lelovič

Independent consultant

Peter earned his degree in journalism with the focus on advertisement and communication psychology. He completed many internships and studies abroad (International Business Presentations, Frost&Sullivan, London 1993; Niche Marketing, Frost&Sullivan, London 1994; Advertising at Mars Paris 1996). He has been oriented on mass communication psychology since 1990.

While working as a client services director for the international net of advertising agencies GGK, he held responsibility for communication with big companies such as IBM, Kapsch, Minolta. He has been a part of GREY Worldwide since 1995, starting at the position of management supervisor in the advertising company GREY Praha his main assignment was to provide client support of the Master Foods company for brands like Pedigree, Kitekat, Chappi, Starburst etc. In 1998 the team led by Peter was considered to be the best agency worldwide working for Mars Inc. At the same time, he worked as assessment arbiter for optimization of working teams. He was the leader of subsidiary company GREY Duesseldorf argonauts Praha (oriented on interactive communications) until the year 2003. GREY Duesseldorf argonauts Praha works for several big clients, e.g. Fiat, Český Telecom and OSRAM. Peter has been an independent consultant and a trainer of analysis, techniques, and implementation of marketing communications.



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